Picture Perfect

In 2014, NAVI released the BDSM / Shibari themed music video “Picture Perfect”. The video sparked the interest of the international S&m community, but was banned on Romanian television for its explicit depiction of BDSM and bondage scenes.

Music video written & directed by:
Marian-Ciprian Nica (NMC Productions)

Photography, editing & coloring:
Marian-Ciprian Nica
Adrian V. Georgescu

NAVI, Florin Iordache, Camelia Capitanu, Beatrice Huber, Ioana Bobeică, Ana-Maria Tafo

Dark Shibari

Cristina Naciu

Cast make-up, hair & nails:
Angelic Studio

Make-up for NAVI:
Luiza Burhai Make-up Artist

Hairstyling for NAVI:
Ioana-Iulia Goicea – Hairstylist

Set assistant:
Andrei Neagu