NAVI in the Romanian newspaper Click!

NAVI - 8 Seconds

The Romanian newspaper Click! published an article about NAVI’s love story with guitar player and composer Andrei Grigore (Mindcage Escape). The two musicians met on Tinder last autumn and have been together for a year now. NAVI revealed the romantic details of their first dates exclusively to journalist Raluca Damian:

“From the very first moment, I was very attracted to him, I felt something I was quite afraid to define. He took me to a wonderful restaurant, where we sat and talked until closing time. We moved to a bar, that also closed eventually. Our first was magical. I wanted that moment in time to last forever, all I knew was I didn’t want to let go of his hand”


NAVI also explained the connection between her beautiful love story with Andrei and her latest single, “Eyes Wide Shut“:

“Eyes Wide Shut” is the most honest song I’ve ever written. It’s about the kind of love that can drive you insane, but also saves you, about that state of grace in which you’re so afraid to lose yourself, even tough you know you can’t help it (…) The song is about, inspired by and dedicated to Andrei”.

Read the full article here! (in Romanian)

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