NAVI releases her debut album, “Songbird”

On June 8th 2017, NAVI released her first album, “Songbird”, under the patronage of Romania’s oldest and most prestigious record label, Electrecord. The LP features 14 indie-pop songs composed by NAVI and Marian Nica and recorded in the span of two years at NMC Productions in Bucharest.

The “Songbird” album is available on CD (buy here), in Romanian music stores and on all major digital distribution & streaming platforms: iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Zonga, Deezer. You can find links to all of them by clicking here.

The latest single from the album is “My Diary”, an autobiographical indie-pop/rock anthem about “a girl with big dreams in a small town”. The album also features NAVI’s first three singles – “Picture Perfect”, the power ballad with a controversial BDSM-themed music video that first brought her to public attention; the electro-pop break-up piece “The Burning Process” and the piano-driven ballad “Eyes Wide Shut”.

The illustrations for the album were created by Cristina Calara.


  1. Adentro
  2. Think
  3. Picture Perfect
  4. Heart Of Stone
  5. The Touch [Interlude]
  6. The Burning Process
  7. Eyes Wide Shut
  8. Put Him To Sleep
  9. Poison Of Choice
  10. Shibari [Interlude]
  11. Daddy’s Song
  12. The Backdoor
  13. My Diary
  14. Songbird

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